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Chain conveyor development trend

Chain conveyor development trend

Issue Time:2019-03-25
    Chain conveyors have been recognized by more and more companies, resulting in the market approaching saturation, and the competition is becoming increasingly serious. Where should the chain conveyors go in the future?

   (1) New technology and new technology of chain conveyor must be promoted. The production process technology should be advanced, and the key to the product structure and quality in the production process is the advancement of process technology. The automation and mechanical level of production equipment should continue to improve.

   (2) Chain conveyor promotes scientific research and development and technological innovation. Aiming at the international advanced technology level, developing innovative new technologies and new products, the belt conveyor belt cover layer should be developed with high temperature resistance and high wear resistance. The development of various patterns covering the belt type will improve the adhesion strength between the cover layer and the skeleton layer. Research to improve the service life of chain conveyor belts, etc.

   (3) Vigorously develop raw materials related to the application of chain conveyors. Increase the relevant raw materials to meet the development requirements of new products, new technologies and new processes for light chain conveyor belts.

   (4) Accelerate the development of national brand products and actively explore the challenges of the international market in the international and domestic markets. The chain conveyor company recommends that our domestic key chain conveyor companies should unite and give full play to the leading brands in national brands. Advantages, drive the technological advancement of other domestic enterprise chain conveyors, and jointly improve the competitiveness of products in the international market. The general trend of the development of chain conveyors in the world today is: to a variety of varieties, high performance, lightweight, multi-functional, energy-saving, safe, environmentally friendly, long-life development.

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