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New chain conveyors rely on core technology development

New chain conveyors rely on core technology development

Issue Time:2019-01-21
    Throughout the entire conveyor industry, we found that the overall technical level of the domestic chain conveyor is not enough, and can not produce the first delivery equipment. In addition, there is no perfect development plan in the industry, and the government lacks corresponding macro-control, resulting in the backward development of domestic chain-transport machinery.

    The products produced to meet the needs of the international market need to be transported at an international level. In the future, the market of chain conveyors in China will grow rapidly. In the field of medicine, the demand for transportation has also increased rapidly, which has promoted the development of drug chain conveyors at a certain level.

    Advanced chain conveyor machinery adopts a number of new detection systems to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the chain conveyor. With the increasing penetration of automation vendors and the development of information technology, more and more conveyor designers have accepted advanced automation technology and used advanced automation products to improve equipment performance. The overall level of China's chain conveyors has been behind the level of developed countries for many years. In addition to the improvement of the technical level of domestic manufacturers, the localized production of foreign manufacturers has also greatly promoted the automation level of China's chain conveyors. The trend toward internationalization is the purpose of drug delivery machinery. However, it is far from enough to rely on the slogan. The drug chain conveyor machinery wants to truly embark on the international stage. To move toward the high end, it must conform to the development trend of the times. Modern technology is integrated into the production of machinery to complete the efficient and intelligent equipment.

    The new chain conveyor machinery is often a mechatronics device that makes full use of the latest achievements in information products. The designers of some Chinese companies are unfamiliar with electronic products, and they dare not or will not choose, which greatly limits the level of chain conveyors. For example, many foreign new chain conveyors have adopted separate transmissions, which has greatly shortened the transmission chain of the whole machine, greatly simplified the structure, and greatly improved the work accuracy and speed. One of the core technologies is to adopt the synchronization technology of multi-motor drag. In fact, it is not difficult to master this technology, but some designers do not understand the development trend of the chain conveyor. Another core technology is the large adoption of servo drives, but the old designers will not design and use servos and their control systems.

    Entering the international market has become an important goal for the development of China's transportation industry. If the drug chain conveyor machinery wants to truly enter the international arena and move toward the high-end, it must conform to the development trend of the times and integrate modern technology into the production of machinery to complete the efficient and intelligent equipment. In the future, the development direction of the drug delivery industry will be through the continued application and promotion of high-tech, arming and strengthening the overall level of the industry, and continue to improve the localization of high-end transportation equipment through technology improvement and optimization.

    After two or three decades of development, China's transportation industry continues to develop. Although China has become the second largest transportation country in the world, there are still many shortcomings compared with other countries. At present, China is constantly exploring the international market, and technology is still a short-board.

    The ordinary chain conveyor is based on the standard chain plate, and is driven by the motor reducer. We can make the chain conveyor wide and form a differential through multiple rows of chain plates, using multi-row chains. The speed difference of the board makes the multi-column conveying become a single-row conveying without extrusion, so as to meet the requirements of single-column conveying of beverage labeling, filling, cleaning and other equipment, we can make the head and tail of the two chain conveyors The overlapping mixed chain makes the bottle (can) body in a dynamic excessive state, so that the material is not retained on the conveying line, and the empty bottle and the solid bottle pressure and pressureless conveying can be satisfied. In the production of chain conveyor, our company relies on advanced technology development and has gained the trust of consumers. Therefore, both the ordinary chain conveyor and the new type of chain conveyor rely on the advantages of technology in the transportation industry.

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