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guangzhou hongjiang company Chain conveyor line manufacturer - Focus on conveyor line customization service

guangzhou hongjiang company Chain conveyor line manufacturer - Focus on conveyor line customization service

Issue Time:2018-05-12
Chain conveyor line manufacturer - Focus on conveyor line customization service
The whole conveying line of the chain plate line is a plane, which is suitable for larger workpieces to be handled and transported on the top, and can also be equipped with fixtures on the chain plates. The advantages are high load, stable operation, and the workpieces can be placed directly on the line.
Chain conveyor line product description:
Chain plate line can be divided into: beat operation, uniform operation; structure can be divided into: linear, ramp, split type, curved type, mixed type. Widely used in home appliances, machinery, logistics, food and other industries. And can be customized according to the use of requirements, this line runs smoothly, without the need for tooling board, can make large appliances, locomotives and other online assembly and production, also used in the logistics of heavy goods, a wide range of applications.
Main technical characteristics: Chain specifications: light chain, heavy chain chain width: 200mm -1200mm conveying speed: 0.5m/min-15m/min conveying capacity: light ≥50kg/m, heavy duty ≥300kg/m sheet metal chain working temperature: -20°C to 100°C.

Note: The rack material carbon steel paint or aluminum alloy, chain plate material carbon steel galvanized or stainless steel
Chain conveyor line Sharing conveyor belt Common conveyor belt model and standard
The use of a conveyor belt as a transportation carrier has the advantages of safety in operation, convenience in use, easy maintenance, low freight, continuous realization, and shortened transportation distance. Within a certain range, it has become an alternative to road and rail transportation.
This conveyor belt is suitable for conveying normal, blocky, granular, and powdery materials that are not particularly corrosive under normal conditions.
Powerful layer is high quality heavy cotton canvas or Victoria cotton, polyester cotton canvas.
The conveyor belt is a rubber product made of multi-layered adhesive canvas bonded together or using other skeleton materials as the core, and covered with an adhesive layer and formed and vulcanized. He is the main component of the belt conveyor and plays the role of carrying materials. It is suitable for conveying block, granular, powdery materials and articles.
According to the structure and shape, the conveyor belt is divided into a layered fabric core conveyor belt, a corrugated conveyor belt, an endless conveyor belt. According to the performance, transportation is divided into heat-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant, and cold-resistant types.
□ Layered Fabric Core Conveyor Belt □ Corrugated Rib Conveyor □ Pattern Conveyor □ Annular Conveyor Belt
□ Nylon (NN) canvas conveyor belt □ Heat-resistant conveyor belt □ High temperature conveyor belt
Ordinary conveyor belt
Ordinary conveyor belts are glued together by multi-layered rubber-cotton (polyester-cotton) canvases and covered by upper and lower adhesives for the transportation of small, medium, granular and powdery materials. Product implementation GB/T7984 certification -2001 standard.

Variety: According to the performance of the covering glue can be divided into strong type, strong type, general type
Company Profile
Yi Wu Sikai Trading Company  We are a factory professional  in conveyor chains, modular belts, plastic components , and conveyor systems for 22 years. Most of our products have SGS, ISO, CE certificate. Now we offer service for many big and successful company, such as Vinda, Pepsi Cola, COFCO, Pacific Can, Tech-Long and so on. They all satisfied with our products, and have long term cooperation with our company.We make molds for plastic table top chains, modular belt, sprockets, idler wheels and other plastic components.and we have professional engineer team to design and produce conveyors according to customer's requirements. Our main conveyors including: spiral conveyor, table top chain conveyors, modular belt conveyors, stainless steel chain conveyors, Inclined conveyors, Gripper conveyors and so on.It covers different industries, like beverages, foods, tissues, textile, tobacco, fruits, battery and so on.Our company located in Guangzhou, welcome to visit us anytime.
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