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To enter the national market of transportation equipment based on the quality of products

To enter the national market of transportation equipment based on the quality of products

Issue Time:2018-01-11
     Guangzhou Hongjiang automation equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Hongjiang),The company specializes in producing all kinds of transmission lines, at the same time have their own brand products, is Pepsi beverages (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou dayilong packaging machinery Limited by Share Ltd, Guangzhou NANLIAN Industry Co Ltd, G, Weishida and other famous enterprises suppliers.
    The original Guangzhou Hongjiang is a production enterprise, rarely involved in the market, but with the production of parts such as automobiles and molds.In 2009, we conducted a survey of the market through exhibitions. Through a year of market understanding, we realized that the company had a solid foundation from mold development, plastic production to the whole line, so we began to focus on the production and sale of transport equipment.Along the way, Guangzhou Hongjiang has gradually become the leader of conveying equipment and accessories. Today, Hongjiang, Guangzhou, has gradually established its own sales channel, and has gained a firm foothold in the transportation line industry market.
   The company's steady development has a clear positioning: "no market depends on product quality to win market share, brand promotion and expansion of the market, and promote stable development of the company."

Company Profile
Yi Wu Sikai Trading Company  We are a factory professional  in conveyor chains, modular belts, plastic components , and conveyor systems for 22 years. Most of our products have SGS, ISO, CE certificate. Now we offer service for many big and successful company, such as Vinda, Pepsi Cola, COFCO, Pacific Can, Tech-Long and so on. They all satisfied with our products, and have long term cooperation with our company.We make molds for plastic table top chains, modular belt, sprockets, idler wheels and other plastic components.and we have professional engineer team to design and produce conveyors according to customer's requirements. Our main conveyors including: spiral conveyor, table top chain conveyors, modular belt conveyors, stainless steel chain conveyors, Inclined conveyors, Gripper conveyors and so on.It covers different industries, like beverages, foods, tissues, textile, tobacco, fruits, battery and so on.Our company located in Guangzhou, welcome to visit us anytime.
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