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Application of plastic mesh belt in logistics express sorting industry

Application of plastic mesh belt in logistics express sorting industry

Issue Time:2018-10-24

Guangzhou Hongjiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of plastic mesh belt, plastic mesh chain in the logistics express sorting industry application, modular plastic mesh belt chain sorting conveyor is suitable for all kinds of boxes, bags. For the transportation of goods such as pallets, bulk materials, small items or irregular items must be placed on pallets or in totes. 

The modular plastic mesh belt chain can transport a single piece of heavy material or withstand large impact loads. According to the driving mode, the raceway line can be divided into a power raceway line and an unpowered raceway line. According to the arrangement form, it can be divided into a horizontal conveying raceway line, an inclined conveying raceway line and a turning conveying raceway line. 

It can also be specially designed according to customer requirements to meet the various requirements of various customers. The transition between the raceways is easy to connect, and multiple raceways and other conveyors or special planes can be used to form a complex logistics delivery system to complete various process needs. Guangzhou Hongjiang can use the accumulation roller to realize the stacking and conveying of materials according to customers' needs. The structure is simple, the reliability is high, and the use and maintenance are convenient. A full-automatic sorting line for express delivery, the feeding conveyor belt is located at the front end of the device, the downhill conveyor belt is placed vertically with the loading conveyor belt, and the uphill conveyor belt is installed directly behind the downhill conveyor belt, and Roller conveyor belt, horizontal conveyor belt, input conveyor belt and sub-conveyor belt are placed in the back of the uphill conveyor belt; the rocker sorter and the branch conveyor belt are respectively placed on both sides of the subcontracting conveyor belt, and the touch screen controller Placed on one side of the input conveyor belt; the input conveyor belt, the sub-package conveyor belt, and the branch conveyor belt are respectively provided with infrared sensors; the loading position of the loading conveyor belt is higher than that of the downhill conveyor belt position. 

The utility model has the beneficial effects that the automatic express sorting is realized, the sorting speed is greatly improved, the labor force is reduced, the labor cost is saved for the enterprise, and the advanced technology of the express sorting industry is provided.

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