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Guangzhou Hongjiang, as the most popular conveyors manufacturer,attended the 2018,6th Dongguan Robotics & Automation Exhibition

Guangzhou Hongjiang, as the most popular conveyors manufacturer,attended the 2018,6th Dongguan Robotics & Automation Exhibition

Issue Time:2018-06-12

"2018 6th Dongguan Zhenzong Machinery Alliance Exhibition" and "2018 6th Dongguan Robotics & Automation Exhibition" will be held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center from June 12th to 14th! The exhibition covers an area of ​​45,000 square meters, with a total of more than 600 exhibitors, and brings together Shadick, Xiangya, Daiqun, Handan, Baofa, Fengbao, Taiyi, Puchuang, Jingfoss, Ya'andi. High-precision and intelligent machining center; laser force sheet metal machinery such as Heli, Hengtaiyuan, Hualong Xinli, Andre, Radium, Fengshun etc.; Xindaya, Wangneng, Luen Thai, Wenbo, Yinwei Wei, Yinbas, etc. Metal 3D printing; "China Tool Alliance" group to display more products...

"Robots and Automation Pavilion" is a collection of Guangzhou CNC, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Huanyan, Novoji, Chaohong, Gaogong, Sata, Crystal Road, Beitian, Jiexun, Fu Likang, Babu, Junyouda. , Juchuan, Rui Yi, Swift, Nguyen, Ruike, Xin Aoge, Hongjiang, Pei Ke, Brady, Sai Pai Si, 365 and other intelligent robots; Zheng Sports, Ning Xin, Shang Yin, Lian Cheng, Shun Rong, Serede, Dengsheng, Xuanyi, Weigao, Dewei, Jinwangda, Keke, Xinben and other intelligent industrial robots and automation products.
 The Highlights of the show:

China Industry 4.0 Forum & Smart Unmanned Factory Display Area: Created industrial robots, intelligent storage, AGV, CNC machining centers, visual sorting, fully automatic unpacking equipment, electronic signage, ERP systems, MES manufacturing execution systems, etc. A new smart factory that is highly integrated with hardware and software.

A full range of one-by-one shows, allowing you to purchase the required products one-stop, convenient and quick! 

We will exhibite our conveyor and conveyor component on the exhibition.  Such as the screw spiral conveyor, conveyor plastic chain, assembly-line modular belt , sprocke and other plastic conveyor accessoriesWelcome to visit!

Company Profile
Yi Wu Sikai Trading Company  We are a factory professional  in conveyor chains, modular belts, plastic components , and conveyor systems for 22 years. Most of our products have SGS, ISO, CE certificate. Now we offer service for many big and successful company, such as Vinda, Pepsi Cola, COFCO, Pacific Can, Tech-Long and so on. They all satisfied with our products, and have long term cooperation with our company.We make molds for plastic table top chains, modular belt, sprockets, idler wheels and other plastic components.and we have professional engineer team to design and produce conveyors according to customer's requirements. Our main conveyors including: spiral conveyor, table top chain conveyors, modular belt conveyors, stainless steel chain conveyors, Inclined conveyors, Gripper conveyors and so on.It covers different industries, like beverages, foods, tissues, textile, tobacco, fruits, battery and so on.Our company located in Guangzhou, welcome to visit us anytime.
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