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Guangzhou Hongjiang non-standard conveyor, conveyor accessories manufacturer, superior quality and favorable price

Guangzhou Hongjiang non-standard conveyor, conveyor accessories manufacturer, superior quality and favorable price

Issue Time:2018-05-24

Guangzhou Hongjiang non-standard conveyor, conveyor accessories manufacturer, superior quality and favorable price.Guangzhou hongjiang Automation Equipment Co., ltd. has been actively involved in international technological exchanges and cooperation under the guidance of the business philosophy of “people-oriented, science and technology first, and scientific management”, so that the factory has been at the forefront of the domestic machinery manufacturing industry.

In order to meet the requirements of high production, high efficiency, and intensive production, the conveyor capacity of belt conveyors is increased. Long distance, high belt speed, large capacity, and high power are inevitable trends for future development, and are also high-yielding and high-efficiency mine transportation technologies. The direction of development. 

Belt Conveyor Operation Precautions

First, the operator conditions

Operators must pass professional training exams, obtain operational qualification certificates, and hold certificates. Familiar with the structure, performance, working principle of the roller machine used, the principle of the integrated system of communication and control, and inspection and test methods, it will maintain and maintain the belt machine, and can correctly handle general faults.

Second, pay attention during operation

1, before the operation should check the integrity of the various parts and fastening conditions, confirm no problem, then officially run.

2. It is strictly forbidden for personnel to use belt machines and belt conveyors are not allowed to transport equipment and bulky materials.

3. When the concentration of gas in the airflow within 20 meters of the conveyor and the switch reaches 1.5%, the work must be stopped. Cut off the power and withdraw personnel.

Third, equipment maintenance attention

1. It is forbidden to clean the nose and tail drum when the belt conveyor is in operation.

2. When the head is unloaded and the roller section is being repaired, all power must be cut off first.

3. When dealing with deviation, it is forbidden to directly touch the belt with hands, feet and other parts of the body.

4. When overhauling, troubleshooting, or doing other work on the belt conveyor, you must close the belt conveyor control switch, hang up the warning sign, and press the emergency stop button.

5. Always check the belt conveyor maintenance records and keep them in good condition.

Company Profile
Yi Wu Sikai Trading Company  We are a factory professional  in conveyor chains, modular belts, plastic components , and conveyor systems for 22 years. Most of our products have SGS, ISO, CE certificate. Now we offer service for many big and successful company, such as Vinda, Pepsi Cola, COFCO, Pacific Can, Tech-Long and so on. They all satisfied with our products, and have long term cooperation with our company.We make molds for plastic table top chains, modular belt, sprockets, idler wheels and other plastic components.and we have professional engineer team to design and produce conveyors according to customer's requirements. Our main conveyors including: spiral conveyor, table top chain conveyors, modular belt conveyors, stainless steel chain conveyors, Inclined conveyors, Gripper conveyors and so on.It covers different industries, like beverages, foods, tissues, textile, tobacco, fruits, battery and so on.Our company located in Guangzhou, welcome to visit us anytime.
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