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How can we extend the service life of flexible chain conveyors?

How can we extend the service life of flexible chain conveyors?

Update Time:2019-03-14
    Nowadays people are very efficient, and the same equipment, low efficiency will be eliminated. Flexible chain conveyors are now very popular and have a good market. However, many bosses also hope that the flexible chain conveyor has a longer use time, so that it will not lose money, which requires more maintenance, and no mistakes in operation. So how can we extend the service life of the flexible chain conveyor?

    1. Check whether the joints of the flexible chain conveyor are normal, whether the screws are tight, and the looseness is found to be treated immediately.

    2. Pay attention to the condition of the traction chain at all times during operation. When the tightness changes, adjust the tensioning device to return to normal.

    3, pay attention to the use of lubricating oil between the various equipment, the reducer should be replaced with new lubricant after 7-14 days of use, and can be replaced after 3-6 months according to the actual situation.

    4, the operation should be regular, the feeding is evenly guaranteed within the scope of control, it is forbidden to stop or start under full load conditions, and can not drive back.

    We also need to cooperate with the daily operation and maintenance according to the instruction manual of the flexible chain conveyor, so as to extend the service life of the flexible chain conveyor.

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