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How to avoid the dryness of the flexible chain conveyor during the turning process?

How to avoid the dryness of the flexible chain conveyor during the turning process?

Update Time:2019-03-12
     When the flexible chain conveyor is turning, it is actually possible to select the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene wear strip when selecting the wear strip. His wear resistance is several times that of the ordinary wear strip. This is because the flexible chain plate When turning, the two sides of the shaft are tightly attached to the wear strip, so that we can achieve our turning effect.

     When conveying straight and turning, we can observe that in order to avoid dryness when turning the conveyor, the span between the chain plate and the chain plate will be very large with the guardrail. The flexible chain conveyor is more suitable for conveying. Light-loaded products such as beverages, toilet paper, etc., when the flexible chain conveyor is transported, if the difference between the width of the material and the standard width of the chain plate is large, the guiding member can be used to guide and restrain the material to achieve the transportation of materials of different sizes.

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