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What should be paid attention to in the purchase chain?

What should be paid attention to in the purchase chain?

Update Time:2019-03-05
     There are a lot of things to pay attention to when buying a chain. Many professionals are not very familiar with the method in the purchase chain. There are actually many functions in the chain. Look at what is in the chain. Pay attention to things?

     The appearance of the chain is detected whether the inner/outer chain is deformed, cracked, embroidered; whether the pin is deformed or rotated, embroidered; whether the roller is cracked or broken. Excessive wear; whether the joint is loose or deformed; whether there is abnormal sound or abnormal vibration during operation, and the chain lubrication condition is good.

     The detection method of the chain is to measure the front chain after cleaning; the chain to be tested is placed on the two sprockets, and the upper and lower sides of the tested chain should be supported; the chain before the measurement should be under the condition of applying the three-point minimum tensile load. Stay 1 min; when measuring, apply the specified measurement load on the chain to tension the upper and lower chains. The chain should ensure normal toothing on the sprocket; measure the center distance of the two sprocket wheels.

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