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Do you know the structural and practical technology of conveyor equipment?

Do you know the structural and practical technology of conveyor equipment?

Update Time:2019-02-19
    In the industrial technology of the round tube rubber belt in the accessories of the conveyor equipment, we use the forming die and the round pipe pressing technology to rapidly shape the conveyor belt into a round pipe structure by heat vulcanization, and increase the conveying of the multi-layer fabric core inside. With a canvas layer, it can be seen from the analysis of the force at each point that such a structure has a higher level of resistance to flexing, and adopts a scientific manufacturing process to comprehensively improve the overall external resistance of the rubber conveyor belt, and is mainly used in industrial and mining production applications. It is used in the matching of round tube belt conveyors with different inclination angles;

    In addition, in the practical technology of the conveyor roller with clamping function, the structure is mainly composed of a clamping washer, a steel supporting piece and a connecting rod, and the protruding point is mainly to quickly press the rubber into a plurality of cushioning rubber rings. A clamping steel ring is installed at both ends of the drum, and a strong supporting frame is mounted on the main shaft, and the buffer rubber ring, the clamping bracket and the support frame are connected in series through the quenched connecting rod, in this way The belt drive roller is manufactured to ensure the satisfactory use of the special clamping type wear-resistant roller matched with the heat-resistant conveyor belt;

    Furthermore, how to make the endless conveyor belt have more precise correction technology, the transportation equipment manufacturer gives a more reasonable solution, the specific implementation method is: installing a sliding support at the bottom position of the beam on the belt conveyor frame. And the bearing set of the offset bearing type is welded on the main bearing mounting seat, the bearing seat can realize the smooth sliding of the front and rear, and then the rubber conveyor belt is penetrated in the inner groove of the adjusting roller set, and at the same time in the bearing One side of the seat is equipped with a large stroke cylinder, the cylinder joint is flexibly connected with the bearing seat, and a speed control valve is arranged at the outer edge of the nylon rubber belt. Through the design improvement of the above scheme, the heat resistant belt can be effectively controlled during the work process. The central deflection phenomenon enhances the comprehensive performance of the industrial belt machine;

    Finally, in the belt conveyor roller and its bracket interchange device, the manufacturing principle is mainly to machine two rectangular slots on the mating surface of the belt conveyor bracket fixing plate to make them perpendicular to each other. The straight slot is designed as a groove with an arc structure along the width direction of the fixing plate to start from the bolt mounting hole at the rightmost side of the fixing plate, and extends in an arc direction until the edge is penetrated into position, and the sound is heard By designing the product in this way, the manufacturer can completely improve the comprehensive interchange efficiency of the belt conveyor roller and its bracket, and fully meet the user's need for efficient operation in the field.

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