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How to identify if there is any miscellaneous material when buying a plastic chain?

How to identify if there is any miscellaneous material when buying a plastic chain?

Update Time:2019-02-15
    Machinery is used in many places in life, and the effect is great. The machinery is generally driven by chains, and the chain is also diverse. Plastic conveyor chains are also one of them, but people should not be too small, and the effect is really great. However, the quality of plastic chains sold by manufacturers is different, there are good and bad, so people must be careful when buying, many plastic chains will be doped with miscellaneous materials, which will affect the quality. So how do we identify if it is doped with miscellaneous materials when buying plastic chains?

    First of all, it depends on whether the surface is flat or not, and the plastic chain made of miscellaneous materials is not flat. This is the obvious feature of the secondary material mixed injection molding.

    The second point is to see if the chain lines are smooth and smooth. Generally, the plastic chains made of new materials have the advantages of neat appearance, self-lubricating, etc., and the hand feels lubricated and not rough.

    Thirdly, in terms of use, the plastic chain made of miscellaneous materials can not achieve the original performance in application, such as being incapable of wearing and being easily broken, and the chain parts need to be replaced frequently.

    As an important part of the conveying equipment, the plastic chain carries an important part of material conveying or mechanical transmission. When purchasing plastic chains, we should pay attention to whether the plastic chain has quality problems. Keep in mind the above methods to identify high-quality plastic chains, so that your inferior products are getting farther and farther away from you.

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