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Belt conveyor high efficiency motor application

Belt conveyor high efficiency motor application

Update Time:2019-01-19
   When conveying the material, the belt conveyor uses a high-efficiency motor to operate the rotating machine, which can accelerate the transportation of the conveying equipment more quickly. The conveyor line body of the belt conveyor can be selected according to the needs of different processes, and can also be used for various control modes such as continuous operation, cycle operation, and variable speed operation. The conveying line body should be in the form of conveying lines such as straight lines, curved roads and slopes. With the development of various industries and the demand of the market, high-efficiency motors are increasingly used in belt conveyors.

    Belt conveyors use high-efficiency motor losses that are about 20 percent lower than current motors, and ultra-efficient motors in belt conveyors can reduce application losses by about 30 percent compared to current motors. China and the EU divide the efficiency of small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motors into three efficiency standard grades, first-class energy efficiency, second-level energy efficiency, and mandatory regulations. The general motor is lower than the three-level energy efficiency, can not be produced and sold, and the motor appears. When you want to paste the energy efficiency rating mark in a uniform format. The rated power of the energy efficiency level is in the range of 3kw to 315kw, the rated power of the energy efficiency secondary and tertiary is in the range of 0.55kw to 315kw, and the number of motor stages is mostly two to six explosion-proof motors.

    The production and sales of high-efficiency motors are not obvious for the increase of the transmission system cost of the belt conveyor. According to the survey, the belt conveyor motor accounts for 92% of the operating cost in a life cycle, and the purchase cost is 100%. Seventh, the maintenance cost is only one percent. If the efficiency of the motor is increased, the electricity cost saved will be much higher than the procurement cost. Although the rated efficiency of high-efficiency asynchronous motors is relatively high, the load is relatively light and the efficiency is relatively low. There are still some disadvantages, and the rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor does not have the scientific development of this problem. I believe in the future. During the year, rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motors can be used in a wider range of applications.

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