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Classification of automatic vertical conveyors

Classification of automatic vertical conveyors

Update Time:2019-01-15
 In China, automatic vertical conveyors are commonly referred to as reciprocating hoists, vertical hoists, special non-manned elevators, and the like. At present, the safety standards and specification certification of the conveyor have not been unified. It can be said that the management is not the norm is the status quo of vertical conveyor development in the Chinese market.

    The standard drum type automatic vertical conveyor has stable performance, low failure rate and long service life. The height of the horizontal conveyor can be designed into floor and stack according to different loading and unloading conditions (land cattle loading and unloading, logistics truck, forklift loading and unloading). In two ways, the flexible docking method can be flexibly linked with AGV, RGV, and air shower system.

   (2) Special tray circulation type automatic vertical conveyor
    The conveyor is characterized by the use of a double-deck pallet conveyor system in conjunction with the lifting operation of the electric lift to achieve low-load loading and unloading at the high point, and to realize the high-efficiency handling capacity of a multi-purpose, multi-loading and unloading method (suitable for forklifts and logistics vehicles). Thanks to the design concept of the random pallet, various pallets (including slightly damaged pallets) can also be transported continuously.

   (3) Special pallet circulation PL type automatic vertical conveyor
    This type of automatic vertical conveyor is characterized by the combination of special pallet circulation type automatic vertical conveyor and standard drum type conveyor, and adopts special tray 2-layer circulation structure to realize multi-purpose and multi-loading mode of one machine (suitable for At the same time, the efficient handling capacity of forklifts and logistics vehicles, as well as the design concept of random pallets, enables various pallets (including slightly damaged pallets) to be continuously transported. Compared with the special pallet circulation type automatic vertical conveyor, it has better extensibility and expandability.

    (4) Special tray circulation TL type automatic vertical conveyor
    This type of conveyor is designed for special products and uses the design concept of dedicated pallets and electric table lifting platforms to make the transportation of irregular products such as paper rolls easy. The utility model realizes the performance of handling at a low place, and at the same time, the roller conveyor adopts a two-layer design structure, realizes the simultaneous entry and exit of the special tray, avoids the waiting time, and the requirements for the moving objects are more relaxed.
    The design of the double-layer drum enhances the stability of the system and is more durable.

    (5) High-load inter-floor forklift truck handling up and down corresponding to simple cycle HB type vertical conveyor
    This type of automatic vertical conveyor is characterized by outstanding load capacity and a maximum load of up to 5 tons, which makes it possible to distribute the forklift between floors. It also eliminates the need for automatic vertical conveyors in the logistics center while reducing secondary handling operations. The problem that the rear forklift can no longer circulate between floors.
    It should be noted that the safety requirements of the equipment that cannot be carried by the automatic vertical conveyor cannot be violated. The forklift driver needs to leave the forklift to start the equipment.

   (6) Space saving STEPII simple vertical conveyor
    This type of automatic vertical conveyor eliminates the need for opening work on the ground, saves space in older warehouses, and is designed to be assembled using the entire machine. It can also deal with the complex product types/shapes of the integrated logistics center, and various loading and unloading methods (forklift loading and unloading, land loading and unloading, logistics vehicles, cage trucks, manual loading and unloading, with or without rollers), and the weight difference is large.

   (7) Automatic continuous handling of automatic vertical conveyors in light loads.

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