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What is the scope of flexible chain conveyor?

What is the scope of flexible chain conveyor?

Update Time:2019-01-03
     Now people are very concerned about work efficiency, only high efficiency will be liked by people, and equipment is the same. The transportation industry has always been very efficient, and in order to pursue high efficiency, people have invented a lot of equipment, and a flexible chain conveyor is also a kind. However, many people do not know which industries the flexible chain conveyor is suitable for, so that money is wasted. Here is a brief introduction to the applicable range of flexible chain conveyors.

    1. The chain plate of the flexible chain conveyor is made of engineering plastics and stainless steel, and the conveyor of the corresponding specification material is selected according to the material requirements of the conveyance.

    2. The conveyor chain of the flexible chain conveyor is smooth and flat, and the friction between the transportation materials is small, which can transport the goods smoothly. It is suitable for the transportation of all kinds of cans, bottles and various kinds of carton packaging.

    3. The flexible chain conveyor has a relatively large load capacity and strong transportation capacity, and is mostly used in heavy machinery production industries such as engines.

    4. The flexible chain conveyor can be easily cleaned and washed with water. The general use of engineering plastics is mostly white, which can meet the medical, food and beverage industries with high hygiene requirements.

    The flexible chain conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, smooth and accurate transportation, and various specifications. It is loved by all walks of life. In industries with quiet requirements and high hygiene requirements such as medicine, food and packaging, the noise of flexible chain conveyors is small. And easy to clean. Today, Xiaobian will analyze with you, how to solve the problem of large noise generated when the flexible chain conveyor is running after installation.

    Check if we installed according to the instructions. The chain of the flexible chain conveyor vibrates during operation. It may be caused by no fastening when the chain plate is installed, excessive load or inflexibility between the links. . Only need to adjust the center distance or the tensioning device of the chain plate. The reason for excessive noise during operation of the flexible chain conveyor may be due to insufficient lubricating oil, large wear between the chain plate and the sprocket, and the fact that the chain plate and the sprocket are not coplanar. Operators need to pay more attention to carefully check the maintenance log to find out the corresponding reasons. Check that the chain plate and sprocket are coplanar to adjust the center distance and tensioning device to see if there is a problem with the quality of the lubricant and if the parts are properly lubricated.

    The noise of the flexible chain conveyor is very small under normal working conditions. The machine after the standard installation is to be operated for debugging. The daily maintenance and maintenance should be carefully and the corresponding records should be recorded in order to better utilize the flexible chain conveyor. Machine function.

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