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the roller wear condition of roller conveyor

the roller wear condition of roller conveyor

Update Time:2018-12-28
  In the working process of the light belt conveyor, the internal structure needs relevant coordination, so as to greatly improve the work efficiency, such as the development of the tray and its barrel welding module, the optimization of the shaft and its connection module, and the guarantee of the shaft and The overall coupling of the drum unit. This requires the application of the transmission theory and the analysis of the friction transmission principle. In the conveyor working module, the friction between the drive roller and its conveying can be used as the hub of different working modules to carry out the energy transfer module of different equipments, so as to ensure the effective operation of the conveyor. Due to the alternating stress of the rotating drum, the light belt conveyor may also have some work problems, such as the occurrence of drum rupture under the influence of external pressure for a long time. In order to control the drum rupture phenomenon, it is necessary to optimize the working module of the drum.

    In the work process, there are many factors that affect the rupture of the drum, such as excessive tape tension, which leads to changes in traction. In the work of the conveyor, in order to improve its transmission capacity, it is necessary to increase the tension, which also increases the positive pressure of the drum to a certain extent. As the speed changes continuously, the torque of the drum will also change, which will increase, which will also cause the drum and its parts to bend. If the working environment of the conveyor cannot be optimized, the drum will be more likely to be fractured. Case. The strength of the drum itself is not enough. The material of the selected steel plate is not good or the thickness of the steel plate is not enough, which will inevitably cause the drum to rupture. Third, the welding process of the steel plate is not good, and the welding quality is not high, which may cause cracking. Since the welding is inseparable from the structure of the drum, welding stress is generated during the welding operation. If the treatment is not good, the welding will quickly appear crack under pressure.

    If the roller is effectively optimized for wear, it will result in a decrease in strength and a breakage of the drum. There are many factors that contribute to this phenomenon, such as the wear of dirt, which affects the effective combination of the roller and its tape, which is also typical of abrasive wear. The debris of these devices is also not conducive to the control of the wear of the drum, it is easy to cause the drum to avoid the occurrence of pitting, resulting in a series of fatigue effects. Due to the chemical action of the transmission medium, the wear condition will also change constantly. For example, under the action of high temperature, the self-strength of the drum will become low. The influence of the wrap angle on the wear increases the wrap angle to improve the traction of the drum surface, further reducing the wear, but the wrap angle is not too large, because it will increase the bending fatigue of the tape, causing the damage of the tape; the friction coefficient is worn. Affecting the friction coefficient is a better method to reduce wear. At present, designers are looking for a material with high friction coefficient, stable performance and high wear resistance and high pressure ratio as the rubber surface of the drum to reduce wear.

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