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How to solve the failure of the power roller conveyor?

How to solve the failure of the power roller conveyor?

Update Time:2018-12-24
 The use of the power roller conveyor is most afraid of the situation, but it is normal for each power roller conveyor to appear. It’s as if everyone is sick and has a fever, the machine will be in a state where it proves that it is either improperly operated, or that it has been working for a long time, or that the power roller conveyor is old, and the update is over. Now Xiaobian will share with you the reason why the power roller conveyor has broken the shaft. There are many reasons for this. Let's find a few situations that often appear today.

    First of all, look at the problem of the power roller conveyor equipment itself, if it is the problem of the power roller conveyor equipment itself, that is, the design strength of the high speed shaft of the reducer is not enough, like this, the general situation will occur outside the shoulder s position. The reason why this place happens often is because there is a transitional fillet in this place, and this transition fillet is very easy to fatigue damage. If the rounded corner of this place is too small, the bearing will easily break the shaft, so we must pay attention to this place when purchasing. The power roller conveyor is to be optimistic about these subtle places.

    Secondly, when there is a broken axis, we have to check to see if the high-speed axis is not the same. Because the motor shaft and the high speed shaft of the reducer are not the same, the shaft of the reducer will be overloaded, so that it is normal to have a broken shaft. At this time we have to increase the bending moment on the shaft. Therefore, this requires us to check these things when installing, we must adjust the position, to ensure that the concentric, after maintenance, can not ignore this problem. The installation and maintenance work of the power griavity roller conveyor is to be done well, otherwise it will greatly increase our cost and reduce our profits.

    Finally, if it is a dual motor drive, it will also cause the shaft to break. This means that two motors are mounted on the same roller for driving and two reducers. This is relatively easy to break the shaft, because sometimes the selection margin is too small, the power roller conveyor will break. axis.

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