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Screw conveyor conveying material method

Screw conveyor conveying material method

Update Time:2018-12-12
  Screw conveyors are available in a variety of ways to transport material horizontally, tilted or vertically. This type of conveyor is mainly divided into three types: shaft, shaftless and double shaft. Compared to conventional conveying machines, screw conveyors have a wide range of applications, but are not suitable for conveying easily bonded materials. Therefore, according to the principle of the conveying mechanism of the conveying machine, the screw conveyor currently has three methods for conveying materials. Let's learn together.

    1. Screw conveyor conveying material method fluid mechanics method
    For high filling rate material transportation, the bulk material can be used as the ideal fluid, and the regularity of the overall flow as the ideal fluid in the transportation process can be analyzed, and then the analysis of the free surface and pressure distribution of the material can be obtained. Note that there is an essential difference between the bulk material and the ideal fluid during transport.

    2. Screw conveyor conveying material method single particle method
    In this method, the blades of the spiral conveyor are generally used as the inclined surface of the spiral, and the material is simplified into a single particle on the inclined surface, and then the movement and force of the point are studied. Due to the limitations of the fluid mechanics method and the material group method during material transportation, this method is more common.

    3. Screw conveyor conveying material method material group method
    The material group method is mainly based on the conservation of mass, and is close to the real situation. But it does not change the volume of the material before and after the rotation, and there is actually a discrepancy. The density is calculated as the bulk density before the material enters the inlet of the screw conveyor, and the material density changes due to the high speed rotation of the spiral at the exit. Therefore, according to the conservation of mass, the material volume is also changing.

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