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How to improve the automation of the belt conveyor?

How to improve the automation of the belt conveyor?

Update Time:2018-11-29
There are more and more environments for conveying operations in modern production, and the most advantageous features of modular belt conveyors have been adopted. In this case, you must understand whether the belt conveyor is suitable for your own product delivery, and do not blindly purchase. The mesh belt conveyor is more suitable for the conveying of shaped objects, and is most suitable for product cleaning, conveying and drying. The advantage of the mesh belt conveyor is the metal conveyor belt structure, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low cost and long service life, which also makes the mesh belt conveyor suitable for a variety of material transportation advantages.
    Mesh belt conveyors are used more and more in drying, cleaning and food industries, which is not unrelated to the unique technical characteristics of mesh belt conveyors. Such as long conveying distance, transparent conveyor belt, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, are the technical characteristics of the belt conveyor, which is unmatched by other methods, because with these, the belt conveyor is also more widely transported. The field is used, from the original single food industry to the current industrial cleaning, product drying are equipped with mesh belt conveyors.

    The current belt conveyor has been extended from a single food delivery to drying, conveying, cleaning, metal conveying, automated transportation and many other working environments. In many conveying operations, the old-fashioned mesh belt conveyor can no longer meet the matching with other equipment. The functions such as synchronization, load-bearing induction and intermittent transportation need to be completed by the belt conveyor. At this time, the degree of automation of the belt conveyor is high. It is especially important. In order to match the advanced equipment with the belt conveyor, it is necessary to improve the degree of automation. Only when the automatic control and automatic transmission are achieved, the belt conveyor can take a step higher.

    Talking about mesh belt conveyors, people working in the transportation industry are very familiar with the conveyor belts in the working environment of food, fruits and vegetables, drying, cleaning and so on. I feel that there are quite a few belt conveyors on the Internet, but there is still more space for the belt conveyor in the transportation industry. In order to expand the use of mesh belt conveyors, there are still many places to break through. The main breakthrough is the automation control, which is the main reason why the belt conveyor can not move to the high end. There is also a need to break through like the appearance of work, do not say that it can be used on the line does not matter. As long as these configurations of the belt conveyor are raised, it will have more room for use.
   With the increase in the use of mesh belt conveyors, the problem of the configuration of the belt conveyors needs to be taken seriously. Whether it is transporting in the natural environment or drying, cleaning and conveying, the belt conveyor should have basic configuration such as speed regulation, tensioning and emergency stop. Other configurations include: induction, intermittent, remote control, alarm Wait. Among them, speed regulation and tensioning and emergency stop are the most important, and it is also the most basic configuration of the mesh belt conveyor. Nowadays, the speed regulation and tensioning are mostly selected for induction speed regulation and automatic tensioning. Only with these is a normal mesh belt conveyor.

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