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How the adjustment foot helps the conveyor to master the balance?

How the adjustment foot helps the conveyor to master the balance?

Update Time:2018-11-12
Adjusting the foot is a very common accessory. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used on both the equipment of the production enterprise and the household appliances in the home, such as conveyors. Sometimes it will not be placed when it is placed. Stable, this time you need to adjust your feet to help.

    The biggest feature of this accessory is that it can adjust the height. There is a screw hole in the middle of the adjustment foot. Then adjust the length of the screw to adjust the height of the device.

    The adjustment feet are also often used in production enterprises, such as conveyor chains or conveyors. They are used constantly. The conveyor equipment is constantly working. The equipment will have amplitude. The stability of the bottom is very important, otherwise it will cause the side. Turning over, with adjustment feet, adjusting unstable places at any time is necessary for equipment and production.

    There are many kinds of materials for adjusting the feet. There are plastic and stainless steel. Generally, the households use plastic materials. The enterprises use stainless steel for the sake of firmness. After all, the bearing is much more important. On some coal conveying equipment, Be sure to use the hardness of the adjustment foot to transport the coal to the destination smoothly.

    When using the adjustment foot, the clockwise torsion is lowered, and the counterclockwise rotation is to increase. After the adjustment is completed, the locknut must be tightened to avoid shaking and instability of the device. It is best to check if the height of the diagonal adjustment feet is the same, and keep the same level high and smooth.

    The price of the adjustment foot is related to the material. The price of the plastic will be slightly lower, then the price of the stainless steel will be higher. The purchaser should purchase according to the production needs, but must buy a good reputation product, although it is an accessory, but in It also plays a big role in the work, so it cannot be ignored.

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