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What are the advantages of plastic modular belts over traditional belts?

What are the advantages of plastic modular belts over traditional belts?

Update Time:2018-10-20
Efficiency has always been valued by people, which has made plastic modular belts very popular. And some people have the question, why not use traditional belts, but use plastic modular belts. In fact, this is because the plastic modular belt has three advantages:

Advantage 1: The plastic modular belt will not deviate during the conveying process. Everyone knows that the traditional belt is easy to run off during the conveying process, but the plastic modular belt solves this problem. The plastic modular belt is very stable during the conveying process and will not be deflected at all.

Advantage 2: The plastic modular belt has ideal air permeability. In the food production process, the carrier needs to have the characteristics of gas permeability, water leakage and oil leakage. Traditional industrial belts cannot meet this requirement. However, the plastic modular belt can be used. The plastic modular belt has a plastic modular belt in the structure, which can not only be ventilated, but also leak water and oil leakage.

Advantage 3: plastic mesh belt can withstand acid and alkali. The plastic modular belt has a PP plastic modular belt from the material. This plastic modular belt can withstand strong acid and alkali, and can withstand high temperature.

This is the advantage of the plastic modular belt, which improves people's work efficiency and reduces accidents.

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