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What the classification and different roles of chains?

What the classification and different roles of chains?

Update Time:2018-10-12
Stainless steel chain classification

The chain is divided into drive chains (mainly used to transmit power) according to different purposes and functions. Conveyor chain (mainly used to transport the material chain). Traction chain (mainly used for pulling and lifting chains). Special special chain (mainly used for special mechanical devices, four chains with special functions and structures).

Both the shaft and the sleeve are case hardened to allow for articulation at higher pressures and may withstand the pressure generated by the load and the gears transmitted through the rollers of the chain.

All stainless steel chains are classified according to the pitch (distance between the centers of the two pins), the diameter of the rollers, and the width between the inner links. Since these dimensions will determine the shape and width of the sprocket teeth, they are collectively referred to as gear unit sizes.

In the similar products, the structural series divides the chain product series according to the basic structure of the chain, that is, according to the shape of the component, the parts and parts that are meshed with the chain, and the size ratio between the parts.

As a common transmission force device, the stainless steel chain is designed to reduce friction by the "chain" design of the hyperbolic arc. It is used in places where the power is relatively large and the running speed is relatively slow, which is obviously superior to the belt drive, for example. Tanks, pneumatic compressors, etc., but the transmission speed can not be too fast, because the chain is not as flexible as the belt.

Stainless steel chains are particularly suitable for areas that are resistant to corrosion, cleaning or certain chemicals, as well as high and low temperature applications.

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