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Talking about the classification and raw materials of conveyor adjusting feet

Talking about the classification and raw materials of conveyor adjusting feet

Update Time:2018-09-27
Next to the operation of the conveyor, the demand level is stable and stable. Therefore, in addition to the rigorous consideration of the smoothness of the production site, the conveyor adjustment foot plays a role in ensuring the smooth adjustment of the conveyor. The important role.

    Conveyor belt adjustment foot classification
    1. The conveyor adjustment foot can be divided into a single-leg anti-sensation style, the joint style of the one-legged one, and the foot of the shockproof style are a kind of thicker one. This kind of adjustment foot can be used on the conveyor belt. The pressure given can have a good cushioning effect.
    2, conveyor joint type adjustment foot This foot adjusts the height of the foot, the orientation of the root of the support foot, using bolts for upper and lower conditioning.

    Conveyor adjusts the raw material of the foot
    The adjustment foot and the multi-leg type adjustment foot of the conveyor have their own use, and they play an important role in the smooth operation of the conveyor, except for the one-foot anti-vibration type and the articulated conveyor adjustment foot. In addition, the two-legged and three-legged adjustment feet are also widely used conveyor adjustment feet.
    Depending on the operating conditions, the conveyors can be made of stainless steel, engineering plastics, carbon steel, or perhaps reinforced nylon, depending on the shape of the production line and the environment of the plant.
    Conveyor adjusts the shape of the foot
    The shape of the conveyor adjustment foot has different tendencies in planning depending on the shape of the production line, the magnitude and nature of the force.
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