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Analysis of the composition and appearance of the unpowered drum

Analysis of the composition and appearance of the unpowered drum

Update Time:2018-09-25
The unpowered drum is one of the common accessories of the conveyor, and is often installed on the roller conveyor to reach the intention of pushing the goods by hand. It is also commonly used as a roller in belt conveyors to support the conveyor belt and material components, reduce the friction between the conveyor belt and the rollers, and make the conveyor work more smoothly and smoothly. Let's take a look at the composition and appearance of the unpowered roller.

1. Roller structure
   (1) Cylinder: Generally made of round pipe. Commonly used steel pipes, plastic pipes, high precision and high strength can be made of round steel;
   (2) Inner shaft: generally made of round steel. The small diameter can be made of cold drawn round steel, and the diameter is high and the precision can be made;
   (3) End cap: generally made of carbon steel. The small-diameter load component can be processed by the punching method, and the larger diameter or larger load component can be processed by the vehicle;
   (4) Bearing: According to the cylinder and end cover, select the appropriate specification bearing.
2, the introduction of the drum surface treatment
    (1) Unpowered roller galvanizing
    Non-powered drum galvanizing is suitable for industrial equipment such as light industry, exterior, electromechanical, agricultural machinery, national defense, etc. It is the most common drum surface treatment method at present, which is attributed to the real environmentally friendly galvanizing. Compared with traditional galvanizing, it has the following characteristics. :
    1 no need for highly toxic cyanide, wastewater is easy to handle;
    2The plating crystal is fine and dense, the gloss is good, the dispersing ability and the deep plating can be close to the cyanide plating solution, and the parts with suitable complex shapes are electroplated;
    3 The plating solution is stable and convenient to operate;
    4 no corrosion to the equipment;
    5 costs are low.
    (2) Unpowered roller plating decoration chrome
    Decoration chrome is mainly used for equipment such as cars, bicycles, household hardware, household appliances, external switches, mechanical parts and so on. The decoration chrome is made of nickel and nickel chrome to ensure product quality. The exterior is silver-white, and the decoration chrome has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance and good appearance decoration, and has a high reflection coefficient.
   (3) Non-power roller coating
    The rubberized roll is a rubber product which is coated with a rubber layer on a metal steel pipe and vulcanized. Compared with the general roller, the rubberized roller has the characteristics of elasticity, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance (butyl rubber), temperature resistance and rust resistance; hard chrome is also called wear-resistant chrome, and the treatment can add appearance Imported raw materials and adhesives are used for hardness, improved wear resistance, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Commonly used are natural rubber and nitrile rubber, with black, green and light gray as the recommended color.
   (4) Unpowered roller hard chrome plating

    Hard chrome, also known as wear-resistant chrome, can add hardness to the surface of the drum, improve wear resistance, resistance to temperature and corrosion, etc., and is applied to the processing and work of mechanical molds, plastic molds, corrosion-resistant valves, printing, textile papermaking drums. Measuring tool, the appearance is silver white.
    If the roller conveyor is properly maintained, it can extend the service life. The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance and protection methods of the roller conveyor:
   (1) Non-powered drum dust-free oil injection: If the practical conditions are agreed, an oil-filled joint should be installed on the smoothed parts such as the reducer to ensure that the injected smooth oil can reduce or eliminate dust and dirt, and ensure the oil quality is clean.
   (2) All the transmission parts in the reasonable smooth roller conveyor do not have any deposits, especially iron scraps, wire, rope, plastic film and other debris. If these things cause it to overheat, it will affect the bearings and gears. The life of the chain. In addition, the moving parts of the conveyor are not smooth or smooth, which may lead to the transition of the track or the bearing. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably smooth and select suitable smooth oil and reasonable planning structure and smoothing skills. It is very important to work smoothly and efficiently on the high efficiency and longevity of the roller conveyor.
   (3) Regularly check whether the various parts of the drum are stuck or not. If there is a jam, stop the work and handle it in time.
   (4) After the roller conveyor works for 10 to 20 minutes, check the working conditions of each rolling part, whether the bearings have abnormal heating, and whether the bearing rolling is smooth or not.
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