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The seven principle conditions of the conveyor system in the layout design

The seven principle conditions of the conveyor system in the layout design

Update Time:2018-09-05
When we are designing the production line, the conveyors such as roller conveyors, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, screw conveyors, mesh belt conveyors, etc., are designed and arranged, and they are linked to each other in the first place, so that they can Form a circulating conveying system that can be continuously produced and smoothly reach various production locations and closed production. So what do you need to consider when designing a conveyor system?

       1. The principle of the shortest distance: between the work section and the work section, the shorter the material flow distance between the process and the process, the better.

       2. Principle of division of labor: When a staff member distributes a certain part of the work, the distribution of materials and the proficiency of the use of machine tools can be improved rapidly.

       3. The principle of economic output: It is necessary to achieve a certain economic output, and it is economical to form one, that is, the so-called "scale benefits."

       4. Balance principle “Conveying system established: Every process must be balanced to achieve a smooth and natural effect, otherwise the effect is not as good as single machine operation.

       5. Zero failure principle of machine equipment: The faults caused by any machine equipment on a conveyor system will affect the people on the whole system to stop production at the same time. Therefore, the machinery and equipment should be properly maintained according to regulations.

       6. Moderate space original: spare parts, finished products should be moved quickly, and no semi-finished products are accumulated during the production process.

       7. Resilience principle: It is easy to change and adjust different products, improve the utilization rate of the conveying system, and it is not easy to cause the equipment to be vacant and waste materials.
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