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What are the material delivery methods? What is the main danger?

What are the material delivery methods? What is the main danger?

Update Time:2018-07-07
The main conveying methods of materials are:

There is basically no danger in this, but the characteristics are different and have their own defects:
Disadvantages of belt conveyor
1, occupy a large area,
2, the investment is big,
3, inconvenient maintenance, need to loose the belt, the amount of work is large.

Disadvantages of the scraper conveyor:
1. The no-load power consumption is large, about 30% of the total power.
2, easy to occur chain, jump chain accidents.
3, consume more steel. Cost is large.

Disadvantages of screw conveyors:
1. The friction between the blade, the casing and the material is relatively large, so that the blade and the casing are prone to wear and the power consumption is relatively large.
2, the transport distance is limited, can not exceed the maximum regulations.
3, suitable for small conveying, short distance material conveying.
4. The screw feeder can reach the material conveying less than 90 degrees.

Disadvantages of the bucket elevator:
1. The type of material to be transported is limited;
2. The sensitivity of the overload is large and must be uniformly fed.

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