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What is a single conveyor line?

What is a single conveyor line?

Update Time:2018-06-20
What is a single conveyor line?
One-piece conveyor line is also called unit synchronization conveyor line. One-piece conveyor line is to make comprehensive and effective use of personnel, equipment, and logistics. There is an organized, planned, and targeted progress. Each unit balances production. In production activities, one batch is used for production batches, and there is no stagnation between the front and back processes. Each process completes a process of self-examination and a process of production is called an assembly line production method, or simply a single conveyor line.

Single-conveyor line features
1. Target management: Targeting the production capacity, industrial engineers set target production capacity for each unit (process) of the product

2. Time management: The time is quantified, and industrial engineering personnel set the target operation time for each unit (process) of the product

3. Fast production of finished products, rapid response to quality problems, zero batch quality accidents

4. Pull forward and pull back: It is different from traditional production methods. Traditional production methods and production lines are passive. It can only wait for the materials, cutting, embroidery, and printing of the front department to determine the normal operation of production, while the single-piece flow produces it. Is active, the previous process must meet the production line, all for the sake of production. Pushing ahead is not just pushing the water forward. It includes orders, material supply, and product reprocessing. After pulling, it is to meet the needs of customers and pull the entire production and supply chain.

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