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what is features of different assembly line

what is features of different assembly line

Update Time:2018-05-30
Features: The products that are carried are relatively heavy and run synchronously with the production line, which can realize the climbing of the products; the production of the beat is not very fast; taking the chain plate surface as the bearing, it can realize the smooth conveying of the products.

Features: Wide range of products to be carried, with less restrictions; with the use of stoppers, it can realize the continuous, taktaging and accumulating functions of the product; the lifting and translation device can realize offline repair or detection of products without affecting The entire assembly line runs.

Features: Lighter load bearing, less shape restriction; synchronous operation with the production line, can realize the product's climbing and steering; with the belt as the carrier and conveying, the product can be smoothly conveyed with low noise; the light material or product can be realized longer Distance delivery.

Differential conveying line
Features: The differential conveying line adopts double-speed chain traction, the tooling plate can be freely conveyed, and the blocker is used to position the workpiece to move freely or stop. The workpiece can be automatically lifted at both ends and laterally moved. It is also possible to install rotation (90 degrees, 180 degrees), special planes, testing equipment, robots, etc. on the body or on the side of the body.

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