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What is the difference between PC material and PP material?

What is the difference between PC material and PP material?

Update Time:2018-04-26
What is the difference between PC material and PP material?

From the outside, the PC is transparent and the PP is translucent. PC is an abbreviation for polycarbonate. Polycarbonate for polycarbonate is English, or PC engineering plastic for short. PC material is actually one of the engineering plastics that we call. As a material widely used worldwide, PC has its own The characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of the PC, PC is a kind of amorphous thermoplastic resin with excellent overall performance, excellent electrical insulation, elongation, dimensional stability and chemical resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance It also has the advantages of self-extinguishing, flame-retardant, non-toxic, colorable, etc. It can see the shadow of PC plastic in every corner of your life. The features of large-scale industrial production and easy processing also make its price extremely low. Its strength can meet the various needs from the mobile phone to the bulletproof glass. The disadvantage is that the hardness is not enough compared with the metal, which leads to its appearance is easier to scratch, but its strength and toughness are very good, no matter whether it is heavy or general beat. As long as you are not trying to pick it up with stones, it will be long enough. PP is a polypropylene resin. Because the homopolymer PP temperature is very brittle above 0C, many commercial PP materials are random copolymers with 1 to 4% ethylene or clamp copolymers with higher ethylene content. Things. Copolymer PP materials have a low heat distortion temperature (100C), low transparency, low gloss, and low rigidity, but have stronger impact strength. The strength of PP increases with the ethylene content. The Vicat softening temperature of PP is 150C. Due to the high degree of crystallinity, this material has very good surface stiffness and scratch resistance.


PP does not have the problem of environmental stress cracking. In general, PP is modified by adding glass fibers, metal additives, or thermoplastic rubber. The flow rate of PP has an MFR range of 1 to 40. PP materials with low MFR have better impact resistance but lower strength. For the same MFR material, the copolymer type has higher strength than the homopolymer type. Due to crystallization, PP shrinkage is quite high, typically 1.8 to 2.5%. And the uniformity of the shrinkage direction is much better than that of materials such as PE-HD. Adding 30% of the glass additive can reduce the shrinkage to 0.7%. Homopolymer and copolymer PP materials have excellent resistance to moisture absorption, acid and alkali corrosion, and resistance to dissolution. However, it is not resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbon (carbon tetrachloride) solvents, and the like. The performance of the two differs depending on which aspects are used and it cannot be simply determined who is good or bad.

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